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The Commission is aware of the principle that the existing contractual obligations of OEK would still be respected even if no new commitments would be assumed. The Commission is not aware of the detailed activities carried out by the temporary administrative committee in charge of setting the outstanding operational obligations and rights, as well as of any other necessary and vested legal or contractual relationship of OEK. Specific questions on the activities carried out by the committee can be addressed to the Greek authorities.

Oggetto: Allarmante moria di pesci verificatasi nella laguna di Venezia a causa di un possibile inquinamento delle acque. Nel frattempo, la Procura della Repubblica di Venezia ha aperto un fascicolo d'inchiesta. La Commissione non era stata informata della recente moria di pesci a Venezia riferita dall'onorevole deputato.

Prende atto dell'iniziativa della Procura veneziana di avviare un'inchiesta sul presente fenomeno e attende l'esito di tale inchiesta per valutare se saranno necessari ulteriori interventi. It is significant that not even the seagulls are eating these fish, even though they are their usual food.

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Commissioner Barnier has not been in contact with any of the other people mentioned. EUR im Vergleichszeitraum En Las 21 leyes irrefutables del liderazgo, John C. Exclude topics. Available international data shows that every country manages a food and agriculture policy that covers a combination of different instruments as incentives for the farmers to best respond to the demand for food and public goods that agriculture provides.

Local fishermen, who were the first to notice the problem, say they have never seen anything like it. Meanwhile, the Public Prosecutor of the Republic of Venice has opened an investigation. Is the Commission aware of this serious case of pollution and fish die-offs in Venice? Will the Commission not promptly ask the local authorities in Venice for clarification on this environmental destruction, to avoid any possible repercussions on public health and the ecosystem, and to prevent the spread of this worrying phenomenon?

The Commission has not been informed about this recent fish death incident in Venice. It takes note of the public prosecutor's initiative to launch an investigation into the present incident and will await the results of the investigation before assessing the need for further action.

These teachers work year after year in precarious circumstances, without any certainty that their contracts will be renewed at the end of each year and under less favourable conditions than permanent teachers, particularly with regard to salaries, social protection and being able to choose their working hours, among other aspects.

The figures quoted above show that contract teachers are employed in order to cover permanent needs in the educational system. How does the Commission view this situation, particularly in light of the abovementioned directive? The services are completing their analysis of the replies provided by the national authorities together with the material contained in various complaints and a petition. These teachers are not being replaced, a situation which is affecting the quality of education and making it difficult for schools to function properly.

The Commission considers education an essential instrument which not only contributes to a reduction in inequalities but is also a main factor behind sustainable economic long-term growth.

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Costs must be closely controlled and the efficiency of the overall system needs to be increased. In the framework of the economic adjustment programme, a number of crucial reforms are being implemented at a satisfactory pace. Diese werden nach dem Regelungsverfahren mit Kontrolle erlassen, das nach Auffassung der Kommission gut funktioniert. Does the Commission agree that there is an acute need to assign noise control policy a far greater role in European rail legislation?

The Commission is aware of the ongoing work of the European Railway Agency on the future revision of the technical specification for interoperability relating to noise TSI Noise but will assess the Agency's recommendation on this subject once it is officially submitted. The study is at an early stage of its development and, as of today, the question of the possible extension of the scope of TSI Noise to existing rolling stock has not been touched upon.

The study and the ongoing revision of TSI Noise are two separated processes. The Commission observes that the rail noise problem is acute in some Member States, while it is marginal or non-existing in the other ones. The study referred to in question 2 was commissioned to help to assess what should be the most relevant EU-wide approach, taking into account the abovementioned differences. Noise is an area of harmonisation of parameters of railway vehicles under the railway interoperability directive.

Non ritiene di dovere richiedere spiegazioni al governo cubano a tutela dei turisti e dei lavoratori cittadini dell'Unione Europea che si trovano sull'isola, e che rischiano di non ricevere cure mediche adeguate in caso di bisogno? Ci risulta inoltre che i negoziati tra Brasile e Cuba per distaccare medici cubani in regioni remote del Brasile non siano sfociati in un accordo. Brazil does not have enough doctors, and the idea was to send to the Cuban doctors to the most remote parts of the country, where Brazilian doctors refuse to go. The EU regularly monitors the political, economic and social situation in Cuba via its Delegation in Havana.

No EU funds provided to Cuba and Brazil have been used for arrangements concerning the sending abroad of doctors. To the best of our knowledge, the negotiations between Brazil and Cuba on the posting of Cuban doctors in remote regions of Brazil did not result in an agreement. Oggetto: Chiusura del traffico di via dei Fori Imperiali: possibile violazione della normativa sugli appalti pubblici.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

L'amministrazione comunale di Roma Capitale nei giorni scorsi ha dato avvio alle procedure relative alla chiusura del traffico dell'arteria di via dei Fori Imperiali per promuovere la pedonalizzazione dell' area circostante. Per gli appalti che non raggiungono tale soglia, come il progetto in questione, i principi generali di trasparenza e trattamento equo risultanti dal TFUE si applicano laddove sia dimostrato che l'appalto presenta un interesse transfrontaliero.

Rome City Council recently launched a procedure to close to traffic an arterial road in the capital — the Via dei Fori Imperiali — with a view to pedestrianising the surrounding area. This arrangement has been confirmed by Roma Metropolitane, and the costs involved will be charged to the budget for the METRO C line, despite the fact that the project was not included among the works initially planned. Have the principles of effectiveness, efficiency and value for money been adhered to and have proper financial planning procedures been followed?

On the basis of the limited information provided by the Honourable Member, the Commission cannot establish whether the award of the project might raise such concerns. For works contracts below this threshold, such as the one at stake, the general principles deriving from the TFEU of transparency and equal treatment apply if it can be proved that the contract has a certain cross-border interest.

Since according to the information provided by the Honourable Member no EU funds seem to be involved in the project, all aspects related to its financial implications in relation with the principles of effectiveness, efficiency and value for money lie within the remit of the contracting authority and the responsible national authorities.

Oggetto: Possibile sottovalutazione dell'impatto ambientale del progetto di una discarica per rifiuti speciali a Lughignano di Casale sul Sile TV. Studio Impatto Ambientale presentato dal consorzio proponente nel The project, submitted by a consortium of companies, concerns the construction of a facility for the disposal of waste produced by those companies in their respective factories and recovery plants.

The overall storage capacity is expected to be approximately cubic metres of waste, equivalent to tonnes. The environmental impact assessment on the basis of which the EIA Committee's opinion was delivered, however, dates back to and is allegedly based on the EIS Environmental Impact Study submitted by the consortium in The opinion, therefore, concerned only the preliminary project, which subsequently underwent numerous changes and additions.

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In the light of the above, should the Commission not contact the relevant authorities to ascertain whether the environmental consultation was carried out properly, since it appears to have been in breach of EU environmental law in that it may have underestimated the adverse impact that the waste disposal plant could have on the environment? Acht de Commissie het belangrijk dat banken die actief zijn op grondstofmarkten, bijvoorbeeld de aluminiummarkt, hun opslagfaciliteiten duidelijk gescheiden houden van hun bankactiviteiten?

Werkt de Commissie met de Amerikaanse regelgevingsinstanties samen om de beste manier te vinden om de problemen in verband met opslag aan te pakken? Kan de Commissie een raming geven van de kostenstijgingen die er kunnen zijn voor de Europese industrie? De Commissie is bekend met de berichten waarover het geachte Parlementslid het in zijn vraag heeft. De Commissie geeft zich rekenschap van het belang van de grondstoffenmarkten voor de economie als geheel. Wel wil de Commissie hier beklemtonen dat zij deze kwesties zeer ernstig neemt en dat zij niet zal aarzelen om passende maatregelen te nemen wanneer zij denkt dat de mededingingsregels zijn geschonden.

Does the Commission see any potential problems for financial players controlling the storage and shipment of commodities?

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If so, could the Commission indicate what problems could arise? Does the Commission believe that by controlling warehouses financial players gain important market intelligence, which they can use when trading commodities? Does the Commission believe that it is important that banks operating in commodities markets such as the aluminium market keep their storage facilities well separated from their banking activities?

Does the Commission cooperate with US regulators in order to identify the best ways of addressing the problems related to warehousing?

Can the Commission provide an estimate of possible cost increases to European industry? If not, why not? The Commission is aware of the reports referred to in the Honourable Member's question. The Commission is mindful of the importance of the commodity markets for the economy as a whole and is conscious of the debate surrounding the alleged conflict of interest brought about when financial players control the storage and shipment of commodities.


The Commission regularly cooperates with US regulators and with regulators from other jurisdictions regarding antitrust matters relating to all industries and to the commodity markets in particular. However, in order to protect the legitimate interest of third parties and the integrity of its monitoring and enforcement activities, the Commission believes that it would not at this stage be appropriate to comment on any action that might be taken in either Europe or the United States.

The Commission is not at this stage in a position to judge whether any harm has been caused by the activities of financial players or to estimate any potential cost increases for European industry. Nonetheless, the Commission would stress that it takes these issues extremely seriously and will not hesitate to take appropriate action if it believes that the antitrust rules may have been infringed.

The High Representative and her services will continue to use the full range of opportunities and instruments available to raise human rights and fundamental freedoms regularly both in public and outside the public eye in their contacts with Saudi authorities. Will the Commission confirm whether minutes of this meeting were taken, and disclose the contents of those minutes in full? If the Commission is unwilling or unable to disclose the minutes themselves, can it state the purpose of the meeting, summarise all topics discussed and decisions taken or agreed either at or as a result of the meeting? On what other occasions have they met whilst Commissioner Barnier has held his office? In any of the correspondence or meetings between them or between their respective offices , is there discussion of: a audit-related matters in particular, but not limited to, mandatory auditor rotation and provision of non-audit services ; b the activities or future activities of TheCityUK; c the timing of announcements or press releases by or on behalf of the Commission.