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Anyway, my band director asked if my friend and I would be willing to give up a weekend and sit in and play with an orchestra during a performance of Guys and Dolls in Sun City—which for those of you not familiar with Arizona, Sun City is our local retirement community. I jumped at the chance to play with adult musicians—retired professionals, those with a lifelong hobby and love of music etc. The director was a very sweet elderly gentleman with a ready smile, a thorough love of music and some terrific stories. Rehearsals were great fun, and we were looking forward to the actual performance. Now put yourself back inside your hormone-driven brain in high school.

My breath caught, the world stopped and my teenage heart beat faster. It was one of those moments I look back on and smile because I know I sat there staring like an open-mouthed idiot and was quite obvious about it—something I tease my son about whenever I see him do it now…lol. So, imagine my excitement when the director brought Mr. Hottie over to the orchestra to introduce him as his grandson on leave from the Navy.

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And imagine those teenage hormones kicking into overdrive when that great smile turned toward me, and he winked at me with those great blue eyes. To make things even more perfect, he was sweet, smart, had a great sense of humor and seemed just as gaga over me. In fact, I even remember a Cubic Zirconia ring that I wore for quite a while. Ahh youth…. It was from him. I recognized the name instantly, and it was a happy surprise to hear that he was now happily married with two great kids and had made a career out of the Navy.

He was in town again, this time visiting his grandmother. His grandfather, sadly, had passed away several years ago. Since schedules on both sides were tight, I only got to see him for a few minutes, but recognized him instantly, and nearly laughed when he looked at me with that same smile and dimple and those same laughing blue eyes — and winked when he saw me just like he had the first time I laid eyes on him.

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And he still looked great. And reminds me of a very sweet boy who filled my thoughts, dreams and several pages of my journals during high school. He says his grandmother has a great picture of both of us together looking at each other so moon eyed that it will give you cavities. I hope he finds it and can send me a copy. But for now, I only have the picture of me from high school—the one that incidentally, my son thinks makes me look like a nurse…lol. I turn forty in a month, and in the span of a few minutes, I felt fourteen all over again—or at least the good parts of it…lol.

So what about all of you? Do you remember your first girlfriend or boyfriend? Fond memories? Embarrassing ones? Join me in my trip down memory lane, and do tell…. I have never had a boyfriend yet. I loved your story of your first.

It is really cute and I think very cool and good that you have remained friends. Like Like.

The last reunion I attended we spoke at length, but not this one. But my feelings are hurt. The house survey was done improperly leaving out a sleep number bed, things in the garage, lamps, and other things. The scheduled packers didn't come when scheduled and the loaders had to help us pack. This also meant that on the pick up, special approval was needed for the disassembly of the second sleep number bed and once again, special approval was need for the bed to be reassembled at our new house. Lamps are missing. We have the lamp shades because WE packed them , but the lamps are gone. A copper umbrella stand, that we packed with artificial flowers, was delivered out of its box and the flowers are gone.

The scheduling of both the pick up and delivery was chaotic. Packers never came. While the staff members we spoke too were friendly this is especially true of the team that packed our household goods and the team that delivered them , the overall experience was less than optimal or expected. Lysette went above and beyond for us. We had a shipment that needed extra attention and helped us get the shipment to the client. Kudos to Lysette and her team :.

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Jim Murray and Brenda Menendez did a fantastic job of bidding and coordinating the tough pre-move process seem easy. Then on move day, Marc and his crews were timely, conscientious and considerate in all respects when loading our furniture in late September, transporting it across state, and unloading it the next morning, placing the items in our new home.

The coordination between crewmembers during loading and unloading was impressive. Obviously seasoned teams, motion and effort were not wasted. Furniture appropriately wrapped. No nicks in walls or corners, going or coming. Then we received money back because the weight was less than estimated when bidding. Honest bunch. Overall, a good experience.

Davena Jones was always available, went above and beyond expectations, and was very confident and comforting to me during a difficult transition. Mike, our driver, was in constant communication so I always knew what to expect and made every effort to get our items to us quickly and safely.

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I felt so good having my move in her capable hands. She made the move so easy and painless for me and was a delight to work with. Travis, my mover was amazing, as well - my belongings were treated with care and the move was smooth and easy. Can't say enough good things about Travis and Carla both. Great job team!

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Thanks for the hard work. Juan Diaz and Gerald were phenomenal. Packing went very smooth!! Highly recommend. I really enjoy them unpacking it. Raul, Romon, Vince.

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Everything went well! From the beginning to end. All members did a great job! Raul and Romon showed up on time and were efficient, professional and kind. I was impressed and am thankful. Raul, Romon, Vince The guys were fantastic! Quick, efficient, courteous and friendly. Highly recommend! Raul, Romon, Vince Moving is smooth, everyone is nice.

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Handling time. My daughter went to the kids club which was supervised by Emma, lovely girl!! Arnoldo Acevedo packed and moved my house hold items today. Javier Jimenez Orlando. All of the Suddath team were awesome.

Thank you. Great Job Thanks! Excellent Job!!

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Worked hard All Day. Went Great.

Raul Romon Vince. Raul,Romon, Vince Everything went well!!!! Raul and his team did a great job packing and moving my home.