The Nutcracker Ballet Mystery (Nancy Drew Book 110)

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The Nutcracker Ballet Mystery (Nancy Drew No. 110) (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories)

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Zip Code. The idea of Nancy Drew came from Edward Stratemeyer in He also had other series, that included the Hardy Boys, but he died in before the Nancy Drew series became famous.

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During the Depression, they asked Benson to take a pay cut and she refused, which is when Karig wrote the books. He was fired from writing more books because of his refusal to honor the request that he keep his work as Carolyn Keene a secret.

He allowed the Library of Congress to learn of his authorship and his name appeared on their catalog cards. Afterwards, they rehired Benson and she wrote until her last Nancy Drew book 30 was written in , Clue of the Velvet Mask. Harriet and Edna Stratemeyer also contributed to the Nancy Drew series. Edna wrote plot outlines for several of the early books and Harriet, who claimed to be the sole author, had actually outlined and edited nearly all the volumes written by Benson. The Stratemeyer Syndicate had begun to make its writers sign contracts that prohibited them from claiming any credit for their works, but Benson never denied her writing books for the series.

After Harriet's death in , Simon and Schuster became the owners of the Stratemeyer Syndicate properties and in , publicly recognized Benson for her work at a Nancy Drew conference at her alma mater, the University of Iowa. Now, Nancy Drew has several ghostwriters and artists that have contributed to her more recent incarnations.