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Is the asset he is buying worth way more than it is currently being priced at by the fickle Mr. At 89 years old, Buffett knows a thing or two about business and life. How did he build such a successful career, and how does one man generate so much wisdom? We hope this selection of the best Warren Buffett quotes helps you think about life and investing differently, and that the legendary investor continues to share his wisdom with the world.

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This infographic ranks the most successful media franchises of all time, and explores how they innovate to stay relevant. Tugging on the heartstrings with nostalgic stories can be a powerful tool. Yet, even the most world-renowned storytellers like Disney face pressure to constantly innovate.

According to the infographic, the majority of franchise revenue comes from merchandising. Video games, comic books, and Japanese manga are also significant drivers of income. Perhaps surprisingly, Marvel is not included in the top While the list proves that success builds over time, these classics need to constantly reinvent themselves as their audiences become reliant on new technologies and demand more immersive experiences.

Yet another Japanese brand tops the list of media franchises. The fictional character has evolved into a globally recognized symbol as a result of big name partnerships and licensing deals with the likes of Puma, Asos and Herschel—and is etched onto almost every type of accessory thinkable.

More recently, the brand announced its foray into video games, and will collaborate with the global esports organization FNATIC on content and merchandise. The chronicles of Winnie the Pooh have transcended time by providing a connection to the innate wonder of childhood. Disney owns three out of the top five highest grossing franchises, so it comes as no surprise that the media conglomerate is investing heavily in digital innovation to provide a more immersive customer experience.

In fact, every franchise in the ranking relies on multiple touchpoints and revenue streams to create a more interactive and emotional experience for their audience. By harnessing a compelling combination of both imagination and technology, Disney and other top global franchises can continue to lead in the business of making magic. A breakdown of which factors that comprise economic complexity, and which global economies rank the highest. In the past, the trade between nations was a much simpler matter to grasp.

Commodities and a few finished goods moved between a handful of countries in a straightforward way. Czech Republic — which was recently ranked as the most attractive manufacturing destination in Europe — has a strong showing, ranking 6th in the world. The United States slipped out of the top 10 into 12th position.

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Muhammed Yildirim, of Harvard University, has thought up a useful analogy for thinking about the role of productive knowledge in the complexity of an economy:. Like the game of Scrabble, each country holds a set of letters with plenty of copies of each letter and tries to make words out of these letters. Some letters, like A and E, go in many words, whereas other letters, like X and Q, are used in very few. Extending this analogy to the countries and products, only those with a larger diversity of letters will be able to make more and more unique products.

On the other hand, words that require more letters will be made only in the countries that have all the requisite pieces. Much like the rack of letters in a Scrabble game, the elements of every export-driven economy can be broken down and quantified. Agricultural and extractive industries tend to score lower on the complexity scale.

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Please check below code. Dan Sheehan is a comedian and Chicago native who has always had a passion for making people laugh. Hi Tom, The query which you've shown is very good and working very fast within a range of , to , rows but when trying to get rows more than ,'s it is taking a minute for doing so. I was definitely hanging on to the edge of my seat while at work today. From age 10, Kathy, a "baby sociopath," grows up surrounded by Markowitz and his colorful circle of friends, including his partner, Sgt. If you do not, click Cancel. So that he can pass 20, 40 and so on on the jsp page.

Machinery can be highly complex to produce and is connected to many facets of the global economy. Visualizing this overall mix of categories can provide a unique perspective beyond big picture numbers like GDP. Below are a few real world examples of export markets on both ends of the complexity spectrum. Due to a restricted land mass and some ingenuity, Japan has become the prototypical example of a low-ubiquity, high-sophistication export economy.

Interactive breakdown. Many will be surprised to learn that Australia sits in the lower third of this complexity ranking. Looking at the breakdown below, there are clues as to why this might be the case. The chart below shows just how reliant Venezuela was on oil exports to sustain its economy. An over-reliance on a single export can leave a country extremely vulnerable in the event of price volatility or geopolitical events.

In the case of Venezuela, three quarters of their export economy was comprised of crude oil — one of the lowest scoring product categories in the ranking.

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Many countries with middle-to-low scores in the ranking have great standards of living and a high level of wealth. Countries like Canada, Norway, and Australia were all well down the list.


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On the other hand, some countries have made diversification a priority. As world economies evolve and the shift from fossil fuels continues, we will likely see economic complexity increase across the board.

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If we can all recall, the original idea of SaaS was that the upgrades would be performed in a way that is seamless for the user. Multi-tenancy combined with a single code base for all customers. Why is this Wall Street analyst so happy? Well, he thinks that all enterprise systems can be as easily migrated to the cloud as CRM. This makes him see reduced operational expenses for the software vendors he tracks as far as the eye can see. This profitability for cloud vendors promised by Wall Street has yet to appear. The most profitable vendors continue to be the major monopoly on-premises vendors.

Salesforce has weak profitability, as does Azure. The only impressive profitability of any size comes from AWS.

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Moreover, all of this is quite common for cloud ERP vendors. There needs to be a fine line here. Some customers can get a longer window so they can schedule any potential disruption. Unfortunately for the major monopoly enterprise software vendors, it is not that easy to be good in the cloud. If all vendors could be, they would be. Furthermore, it is one thing to bring out a good cloud CRM system, it is quite another thing to create a cloud ERP system. Back when the cloud was just starting off, SAP and Oracle did everything they could to undermine it.

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SAP and Oracle speak of the cloud now because Wall Street has informed them they have no alternative. SAP and Oracle, however, have zero interest in upsetting their on-premises software business, which has been amazingly profitable for both of them. The historically on-premises vendors have tried to propose that they are the equal of historically cloud vendors.

It has become more than apparent at this point that cloud capabilities are a distinct capability. AWS gets it.

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Google gets it. SAP and Oracle do not get it. Moreover, the application has been out for several years. But, if we strip away the name for a moment and all of the SAP marketing literature to look at the underlying facts, it is not actually a difficult determination to make. Because there is no way such a system can be relied upon, and the overhead of dealing with pushed updates is too high. Moreover, this brings up an important question.

If EBS However, this is not translating into that much benefit to the application, or to its ease of upgrading. From a marketing perspective, Oracle has been fighting this reality. Oracle and Ellison began with making very similar claims around their database and have now moved to make the same claims around their SaaS applications. This is due to the number of Oracle databases that customers want on previous versions of the Oracle database and that have dropped Oracle support.

It is where you take a known weakness and assert the opposite. Against type marketing programs do not have much of a history of success. They are most often attempts by marketing to change perception, without the changes being incorporated into the actual product.

The campaigns usually boil down to sales reps being tired of hearing something about the product that is true, and marketing deciding to assert the opposite. Oracle puts most of its emphasis on improved updates and automation in marketing rather than anything real. The reality from the field is that Oracle Cloud products have historically not only been difficult to upgrade but have substantial downtime, as explained by Mark Dalton of AutoDeploy.

If their systems are autonomous, why all this manual work?

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And why would any customer want this disruption to their business? The on-premises model is presently the dominant form of ERP software, and of course, has been since ERP was first introduced. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does confuse the issue somewhat when I want to use the term ERP; any number of SaaS-based ERP vendors could say that the conclusions in this book do not apply to them, and they would be right.

They are still relatively new and do not have the same history as on-premises ERP solutions, so it cannot be expected that the research I will quote will apply to them. In addition, my project experience is percent with on-premises solutions, so when it comes to SaaS ERP, I do not have the same personal experience upon which to draw.