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Fastest Hands in the East. The Grind. War Eagle. When Life Gives You Potatoes Bush League. Let them Fight. CFL Guys. Big Man On Campus. Christmas Hell. Monday Superlatives.

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Accessibility Help. All rights reserved. You can send a letter of protest to the Atlanta Braves via their web site. I have been a long time Braves fan since before the team moved to Atlanta and as an Atlanta resident in the s and s I attended many games. This promotion is blatantly exclusive of religious faiths outside of evangelical Christianity and it links the Atlanta Braves with an organization that is anti-gay and anti-Semitic. Personally, as die-hard Braves fan all my life, your collaboration with religious hate-mongers deeply saddens me.

The current world wide debacle of perpetual war is the result the logical and necessary processes of capitalism which pit those few who own against the many who must sell our labor, work, to live. The few will not rule the many forever. Things change. What is happening, at many levels, is an international war of the rich on the poor. This includes attacks on all kinds of worker organizations and the rise of racist inequality, everywhere. The term that best describes this is class war.

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As a sub-set of class war, we witness intense inter-imperialist rivalry, for example in Iraq but also proxy war, as is a significant part of the case with Israel-Lebanon-Hezbollah-Syria. Religion can offer us an ethic for the future, but It is not possible to resolve truly religious disputes, as all sides invariably test for truth within their own minds, rather in the material, real world. Religion, always married to intellectual and practical exploitation, is a mid-wife of racism and war.

Very few disputes, however, are solely religious disputes. Class struggle goes on wherever people must work. Every one of those workers is exploited by a series of bosses.

Despite support for the Party of God, or the Christians, or others, this class struggle is the key underlying fact of life in Lebanon. All those Israeli workers, despite what is initially mass support for the Zionist government, are exploited by a series of bosses as well. So is the growing sentiment about US action in Cuba, and Iran. Oil is key to every military in the world, which makes oil a pivotal resource for every imperialist nation which must have oil for home-capitalists to survive. There is no easy way out of this, no peaceful way either.

The only way out is to transcend capitalism. Of course, to only see the transformation of capitalism, or to only see the rise of religious fanaticism, would be to look down the barrel of a gun and only see one sight.

Big transformations are built by small reforms, and the close personal ties, trust and wisdom, that struggles create. However, there is no disconnecting short term goals from long term necessity. The key thing that determines likeness and difference in the world is social class. Every school worker in the US has more in common with school workers in Israel and Lebanon that any of us have in common with our own national leaders.

Organization, education, and action must address these connected realities of capitalism, imperialism, war, and the various forms of irrationalism that capitalism requires: racism, sexism, mysticism. It is past time for action. We need to begin to discuss, at the very least, conducting the educational work that can fill the jails with direct action protests.

Direct action can overcome apathy and fear. In schools, action can address the racist Big Tests walk out , imperialist military recruiters, nationalist Homeland Security ICE cops, and regular cops as well throw them out , class size wildcats backed up by freedom schooling. Most of us are educators, school workers, though there are quite a few military personnel on the RF list now, and many others. Our task is to connect reason with power, and act. There is no litmus test on all the issues above for participation in the Rouge Forum.

But the issues need to be discussed. We are in the process of establishing regional and state coordinators for the Rouge Forum. Religion, Racism, War, and Schooling.


He remains one of the most intriguing amateur bats in the class, and he can always pick up some free pointers from older brother, Preston. Safe and orderly schools and qualified staffs. Well, probably not. The slick glove that brought Guerra to our attention in the first place remains. He can keep 1B warm for Vaughn and then transition to more DH duty come when the former is ready for prime time. Reed was placed on the 40 man right away with Burr moving to the 60 day IL and Palka was optioned to AAA so no further moves would need to be made. Go To Hoops Rumors.

Opportunity scholarships is a euphemism for school vouchers. Before going out on that fragile limb, she should have read the study issued by the National Center for Education Statistics, a unit of the Education Department she runs. According to that report, which compared reading and math scores of fourth- and eighth-graders in public and privates schools, economics, social background and race had a negative impact on the test scores of private school students. In the overall study, students in private schools outperformed public school students by a fairly wide margin on math and reading tests.

But when the scores of the students of the same racial identity, economic status and social condition were compared, the researchers said, there was virtually no difference with the exception of eighth-grade reading between those who attended private and public schools. Vouchers are a bad idea that conservatives have recycled. Black students got nothing but an educational shaft.

Shewmake drafted by Atlanta Braves

The proposed scholarships are a shaft of another sort for black students. They deflect attention from the failure of states and the federal government to ensure that all children have access to a quality public education. This latest voucher scheme, if implemented, would likely give a small percentage of students in underperforming schools an escape hatch.

Smaller class sizes. Adequate and equitable funding.

Three weird facts about the mighty 12222 Braves’ offense

Safe and orderly schools and qualified staffs. And anything that takes away from that is not good. So instead of trying to deflect attention from the failure of states and the federal government to give public schools what they need to meet this challenge, voucher proponents offer them empty promises. They want to retake power and switch the standards back to what they call conventional science. The Kansas election is being watched closely by both sides in the national debate over the teaching of evolution. Last February, the Ohio Board of Education reversed its mandate requiring 10th-grade biology classes to critically analyze evolution.

A defeat for the conservative majority in Kansas on Tuesday could be further evidence of the fading fortunes of the intelligent design movement, while a victory would preserve an important stronghold in Kansas. Though there is no reliable polling data available, Joseph Aistrup, head of political science at Kansas State University, said sharp ideological splits among Republicans and an unusual community of interest among moderate Republicans and some Democrats were helping challengers in the primary.

Kansas Democrats, moreover, have a strong standard-bearer in the incumbent governor, Kathleen Sebelius, who has distanced herself from the debate. Several moderate Republican candidates have vowed, if they lose Tuesday, to support the Democratic primary winners in November. With the campaign enlivened by a crowded field of 16 candidates contending for five seats — four held by conservatives who voted for the new science standards last year — a shift of two seats could overturn the current 6-to-4 majority.

The four-year terms are staggered so that only half the member board is up for election each two years. The acrimony in the school board races is not limited to differences over the science curriculum but also over other ideologically charged issues like sex education, charter schools and education financing. Power on the board has shifted almost every election since , with the current conservative majority taking hold in The chairman of the board, Dr. Steve E. Abrams, a veterinarian and the leader of the conservative majority, said few of the opposition candidates were really moderates.

Abrams, who is not up for re-election. Harry E. Connie Morris, a conservative Republican running for re-election, said the board had merely authorized scientifically valid criticism of evolution. Morris, a retired teacher and author, said she did not believe in evolution.